Email marketing has become an essential tool for most businesses to market their service. With global2mail, you can send out beautiful email campaigns fast to thousands of recipients. Global2Mail also allows you to build strong customer relationships and helps you to build a strong brand & presence that brings in fresh sales and more...
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Why Global2Mail?
Affordable and increases ROI Affordable and increases ROI
Saves you from the printing & mailing costs and you get to deliver your message to each recipient at a few cents.
Immediate & Effective means for online advertisement Immediate & Effective means for online advertisement
We have a wide array of email templates available for you to choose from. Recipients can see the message you send across once they check their mail, instead of waiting for them to check on your website.
Higher exposure to consumers
Customers can Refer and share the promotional E-newsletter with their friends using our referral system.
Maintain communications with existing customers Maintain communications with existing customers
Promote your products and services in an ongoing basis to draw a better relationship.
Generate new leads Generate new leads
Build and grow your own contact list. The system allows you to keep track of your own databases very easily.
Highly Measurable
The result is almost immediate. It can keep track of who open your email and when, what links they have clicked and how many friends they forward the mail to.
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